Issue #26 of JagaSpam: SISTER SPEAK Live at JagaSilk Dec 17 2013 & Holiday Hours

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The show is tomorrow (Tues, Dec 17).
This show will be really special with the Sister Speak trio coming up from San Diego to do a digital pre-release show of their album.
We will have soup and good bread and donut sandwiches and tea.
Candle light and roots acoustic folk rock.
Doors at 6:30pm
Show starts at 7pm

$10 tickets ($20 with album)
– limited seating

See you there!

2. CHAI TRILOGY and other gifts


– Masala Macchai, Masala Chai, and Masala Rooibos Chai in a little gift box for $30 (normally $40.50)
– Maccha Starter Kit – everything made in Japan: Apprentice Chasen, Chawan, Chasen’naoshi and Chashaku for $100
– Maccha taster set – Owl, Raven and Eagle with a complementary package of Eagle for $100
We have 5 Maccha selections this Christmas!

Two kinds of Raven
(100% Yabukita from Fujioka & the Dragonfly blend from Harimaen)

Two kinds of Eagle (Okumidori and hand-picked Samidori from Fujioka)

We will be CLOSED from Dec 25 – Jan 06 and open on Jan 07 2014

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

Issue #25 of JagaSpam: Going to Japan, Tea Sharing Event, New Customers to Check Out

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We will be visiting tea gardens in Japan from the 16th to Nov 02
We will be closed: Oct 15~Nov 04 so please get your online orders (reminder: free shipping worldwide on maccha refill packs) before Friday.
We will bring back many stories with us and look forward to sharing them with you.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
Please follow our adventure on Twitter @JagaSilk 
or add “Jaga Silk” as a friend on Facebook to see updates of our adventure.
We will be hosting an evening of tea sharing on Nov 15th from 6pm ~ 8pm to celebrate this trip.
Join us free admission and invite fellow tea / flavour enthusiasts.
Transcend Coffee has done a stellar launch of our products online at transcendcoffee.ca and in their stores in Edmonton.
They are featuring curated teas and our London Fog to start.
Picnic here in Victoria launched our maccha and curated line of teas at both locations this week. They have been carrying our tea lattes (chai, fog, macchai) for a year and decided to take on the full project. They are doing a bang up job!
Cartems Donuterie in Vancouver will be opening up a gourmet donuterie on Pender with our line of curated teas to support it.
Neverland Tea Salon in Vancouver will be featuring our maccha Owl and Raven on their tea menu
4. 2012 harvest sale at Red Barn
All must go to Red Barn here in Victoria to grab our products at 50% off to clear the way for 2013 harvest teas. 
They have been stored well and should taste great, but we want them gone.
Hopefully you can find some room in your cupboard.

Issue #24 of JagaSpam: LIVE performance by contemporary gypsy Charles-Antoine Frandelion March 28 at 7pm!

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1. LIVE AT JAGASILK TEABAR: Charles-Antoine Frandelion: Contemporary gypsy

March 28 at 7pm (Thurs – the day before Good Friday)
doors at 6pm 
40 seats – $10 ticket (100% goes to the musician – the teabar is open)
– tickets available through JagaSilk Teabar

* Live & Unmastered CD recorded earlier in the week will be released at show*

Charles-Antoine Frandelion is an accordeonist from St-André-de-Kamouraska, Quebec whose fascination for romanian gypsy music had him spent time with gypsies in Moldova and Romania. He is going to perform solo on his accordion and talk about his relationship with the pieces, sharing glimpses of his traveling-peasant-musician lifestyle. His integrity as a living contemporary gypsy will express itself by his simple presence and his friendship with Jared and Miyu from Jagasilk who will be serving uplifting teas and fine maccha to cheer up the evening.

The Live CD recorded at JagaSilk is $10. 
Come pick up a copy, support a very awesome musician, and listen to some very good songs.

2. We are in more spaces these days: new quality and/or funk focused cafes and supermarkets
Township Coffee in Gordon Head (San Juan & Tyndall)
Shatterbox coffee

Picnic’s 2nd location on Fort and Vancouver 

Street Level Espresso 
Joseph’s Coffee House
Red Barn Market – 4 locations (March 28 and April 5 flyer)
Whole Foods in Vancouver (4 locations)
Ingredients Health Food & Cafe 
Market on Millstream
Market on Yates (only loose tea – request maccha and chai!)
Mother Nature Natural Foods in Cook St Village
the Light Cellar in Calgary
Small Ritual Coffee Society in White Rock
Green Smoothie Bar in Hamilton ON

Discovery Coffee will be featuring our 2013 Rohin Estate FTGFOP1 CL darjeeling! Go support fresh tea!

Sid Cross, renowned food and wine judge, offered really kind words to us

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Some really nice words from Sid Cross:

I am a retired partner at a large national Canadian law firm but now for the past 10 years am actively involved internationally as both a food and wine judge.  

I am co-Founder of the thriving Chefs’ Table Society of BC and judge several important competitions including the Canadian Culinary Championship, Gold Medal Plates, Lieutenant-Governor Awards For Excellence and the Canadian Wine Awards. I am really into food and wine and have been elected into the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame as a Supporter of the Industry.

I have been a green tea and maccha drinker for a long time trying many different brands.

I am so excited about your phenomenal maccha quality products that I felt compelled to send you this note to let you know.

You are outstanding entrepreneurs and all your products I have tried are excellent.  Leading the way are your single cultivar 100% okumidori

Fujioka’s micro-lot “Eagle”( so round & delicate) ground tencha green tea and the “Raven” (so full & tangy)in a very close second place!

The aromatics are so interesting like smelling the complex bouquet of a very fine wine.

Appreciate how you arrange for the stone grinding of green tea leaves regularly in order to always keep the maccha so fresh.

Wonderful for us to be able to purchase them in a maximum size of 20 grams with the dates marked for both the harvest and the stone grinding.  Don’t know of anyone else in this market doing that. What outstanding quality control!

Drinking it is a joy and makes me feel strong and alive! Keep up this good work.

Would like to see a wider distribution of your products in the Greater Vancouver area so more consumers could try them.

If I can help you in any way do not hesitate to call on me or feel free to use me as an enthusiastic reference.

Issue #22 of JagaSpam: Free Shipping Worldwide on Maccha Refill Packs, Book Launch

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DISCLAIMER: If you wish to be deregistered from our mailing list, just email back with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line. If you wish to keep receiving these, then we love you and think you are cool as a cucumber.

Inline image 1


Celebrating our 7th year in business, we have decided to release maccha refill packs online.
Not only that, shipping is free. World wide.
Sign up to be a Frequent Flyer and receive monthly prepaid shipments of fresh maccha for $1 off.
2. BOOK LAUNCH: “Birdie Goes Fishing, With The Terrible Heron Twins As Bait!”
a 100% father and son project by
Solomon Forrest Wilhelm Flad, age 11
Vladimir Franziskus Flad, age older than 11

Hourly Reading By the Authors
Chocolates by Family friend TERRIBLE TRUFFLES included with Book Purchase

May 5 (Sat)
4pm – 8pm


An amazing article by Ellie Shortt with a step by step look at the maccha preparation process



We have teamed up with Olympic Gold Medalist Adam Kreek to release a Hemp & Maccha Protein Powder
Adam just finished circumnavigating Vancouver Island with his team at OARS Northwest.
They will be rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in December and powered by JagaSilk maccha, this wonderful protein powder, and of course many other healthful food and beverages.
But still. We are pumped to be there vicariously!!!!!! 🙂

Soon to be available on the website


We are proud to have released a new line of single cultivar maccha at this year’s Tea Festival.
We spent 3 years developing a relationship with master tea farmer Mr. Fujioka of Wazuka in the Uji growing region of Japan – 2 visits to him personally finally convinced him to sell to us; Mr. Fujioka has never wholesaled to anyone before!

Check out the grades on our website:


We are proud to have the Coconut maccha latte back at the teabar!
Come and try out all the beautiful new single cultivar teas!


Now that Harumi Ota has moved out of the loft to concentrate on buying a farm (and a gas kiln!) what will happen up there?
Could JagaSilk be growing? ……..

New products coming soon:
– Micro-milled London Fog for retail
– Micro-milled Masala Chai for retail

Ask us about our “Private Reserve” next time you are in the teabar for a fantastic “for-those-in-the-know” menu experience…. Single cultivar sencha? 2012 micro-shipments from Darjeeling? Frans & Gerda’s Honeybush….. 😉

Issue #21 of JagaSpam: Adrian Eseau Live Jan 27!!! – Teabar is rockin the brewer

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1. LIVE AT JAGASILK TEABAR: Adrian Esau: All proceeds to “Music for Youth Works”

Adrian Esau will be performing at the teabar.
We had to print 40 tickets and 30 have already sold!
30 seats – $10 ticket goes to “music for youth works”
– tickets available through Adrian or JagaSilk Teabar

* Live & Unmastered CD recorded earlier in the week will be released at show*

“Ever with a song in his head and music flowing from his fingertips,
whether it be through six strings or simply pots and pans, adrian’s love for music permeates all aspects of his life. with a barefoot in the sands of folk, a heavy boot in the muddy blues, and a mind for anything that makes noise, his style is raw and heartful to say the least.”

The Live CD recorded at JagaSilk is $10 and definitely worth every penny.
Come pick up a copy, support a very awesome local musician, and listen to some very good songs.

2. FINALLY!!!! – Mason Jar Brewer

The mason jar brewer is finally out. Our first round last week sold out almost instantly. We put 6 more out there. $20 with the locally made sleeve. A naked brewer? $10.
– Check them in action at Spiced Water
– Manufactured at JagaSilk! We simply replaced the inner lid of a wide mouth mason jar with a sieve
– Uses gravity to make one of the best cups of cofee or tea you ever saw!!!!

Snow and electrical outages caused by building maintenance had the teabar close a number of days in early January. We are open and the staff are rocking up a storm!
Tues-Sat 11am-6pm
Tea Academy & Wholesale: By appointment outside these hours

Issue #20 of JagaSpam: Join the JagaClan: 200 Lifetime memberships: 10% off for life!!!!!

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1. JAGACLAN: Join the JagaClan: 200 Lifetime memberships: 10% off for life!!!!!

We have decided to sell a limited 200 JagaClan Memberships that give the owner 10% off everything Jaga for life.
Includes everything at the bar, maccha, tea, retail, food, AWESOME
Does not include Studio Yu purchases and is meant for one person, not pairs or groups.

2. THREE LIMITED OFFERINGS!!!! and other cool stuff
As many of you know, we are sold out of maccha at the teabar.
But loose tea is still our friend.
a) We have featured 3 different $25 Limited Offering sets this year that include 4 x 20g beautiful tea and 1 x select awesome tea tin.
b) Finally our Mason Jar Brewpots are nearing completion: Just picked up the equipment for their production today from a local metal worker!!!! If I can pull off a Dec 22 release, oh, baby!!!
c) New packaging for the loose teas – similar system to the maccha: buy a tea in a tube if you like (ex. $6.5) and get $3 off if you just want the refill pack. They look gorgeous for stocking stuffers!!! 😉

The teabar holiday hours:
Tues-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat (Dec 24 and Dec 31) 11am-4pm
closed Sundays and Mondays as usual. (Just coincidentally worked out)

If you have not tried the Fresh-milled Cinnamon & Ceylon Royal Milk Tea Latte, it needs to happen.
Cinnamon & Royal Milk Tea Latte – $4
South Indian micro farmed cinnamon milled every 10-20 days fresh at jagaSilk blended with Uva est Blend Ceylon from Sri Lanka’s famed Uva growing region. Ever so sweet cinnamon in the nose followed by the malty rich notes of great Uva region tea.

If you have not checked out our new sister cafe “Spiced Water” right nearby on Courtney St across from the Sticky Wicket, make sure you swing by.
Multi roaster coffee (Bows x Arrows Coffee Roasters today on espresso)
JagaSilk single estate teas and maccha
B-RED ridiculously awesome artisan DONUTS
House sweets made by JagaSilk (Creme caramel, epic double banana bread, organic shortbread)
If the teabar is our yin, Spiced Water is our yang.

Some comings and goings.
Graham Bouvier… has moved on to run the show over at Fernwood Coffee on the weekends as their weekend supervisor, though he can still be scene at Spicey and Jaga with psycho high tech thermometers and fantastic samples of different coffees and teas
Brendon Ross… has joined us from the Stick in the Mud out in Sooke (though he can still be seen there Fridays as the Maestro of Espresso) for whom he competed for in the 2010 Western Regional Barista Championships. The guy is super high energy and is very skilled at his craft
Raven Bleskie… has joined us from Bubby Rose’s Bakery. She has almost 5 years under her belt as a barista and is super keen on learning the Jaga perspective on tea craftsmanship. She is one of those super nice people who just is way too hard on her self, even though she does everything awesome.
David Pedde… has joined us part time from Discovery Coffee with the intent of brushing up on his tea skills – Disco serves our loose tea – and he brings a frightening memory for detail and uncanny skill for being such a new barista. Smart guy.

Eli’s live show was pretty incredible. Not only were his tunes super well constructed and delivered, but the man is a great MC.
The Live CD recorded at JagaSilk is $10 and definitely worth every penny.
Come pick up a copy, support a very awesome local musician, and listen to some very good songs.

Live Music at JagaSilk: Eli Geddis at 7:30pm: Dec 09 (Fri): Live & Unmastered CD to be Released!

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All ticket sales will go to the musicians.
A live & unmastered CD recorded a couple days previous will be released at the show.

Tell everyone you know!


“Eli Geddis is a restless Victoria-based musician whose folky blend of acoustic music mixes the suspiciously facetious with the endearingly sincere. Drawing inspiration from historical stories, imagined nostalgia, cold mountain weather and cultural oddities, Eli puts on a show that is intimate, funny and inclusive. Expect decent helpings of ukulele, harmonica, faux plastic tambourine, shouts and hum-alongs.”

Dec 09 (Fri)
7:30pm (Doors open at 7pm)
Live at JagaSilk Teabar

(advance tickets can be purchased at JagaSilk teabar)

17A-633 Courtney St, Victoria BC (inside Nootka Court behind the bug zoo – buzzer entry only after 6pm)
tel. 778-430-5683


* Live & Unmastered CD recorded June 22 2011 to be released at the show *

Reserve your ticket now!    🙂

Issue #19 of JagaSpam: SPICED WATER GRAND OPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Our sister company, SPiced Water, will finally grand open tomorrow, Nov 10th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Coffee & Gourmet Donut Pairings
– Tea and single-origin apple pairings
pairings at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm

local, multi-roaster COFFEE by 2%, 49th, Discovery and Fernwood
organic, single-origin TEA & MACCHA by JagaSilk

727 Courtney St, Victoria BC Canada

7:30 ~ 7:30


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