The Tea Sieve

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Recently in the teabar, we have been complete nerds. We have taken different sieves and sifted the maccha through them, comparing the different hole sizes. Side by side, we made a variety of traditional macchas, all by the same barista, all with uniform water temperature, volume, and amount of tea.

The results were interesting. It seems that the larger the sieve holes, the sweeter the tea. At first go, we considered switching our technique to encourage the new sieves. However, we like to experiment a LOT and not be too hasty.

In the end we realized that the sieve holes being larger may bring up the sweetness quotient, but that is because less flavour is being released. The smaller the sieve holes, the greater surface area of the maccha is able to be extracted. In the end, bigger holes not only suffered in flavour complexity, but also had a lighter body.

I personally prefer more flavour complexity and body over the ease of preparing with the larger sieve (and the tea it creates). We have elected to stay with a smaller hole size for our sieves and continue to search for a local option, something we have found to be impossible with metal mesh.



Christmas Open House

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I thought I would post a few images from our Christmas Open house which ends tomorrow, Monday December 21st.

Fellowship of the Maccha: Maccha Cupcakes

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Our cupcakes fit perfectly into cappuccino cups which resulted in many poor jokes about super-dry cappuccinos

For all of those uninitiated to the fellowship it is a free event we hold on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at Khona Coffee.

This time we made absolutely edible vegan maccha cupcakes. Although I am not a vegan myself, and usually shy away from most foods with those ultra-healthy labels like “gluten-free”, “dairy-free”, or any other label that proclaims its decisive lack of unhealthy goodness, these were very good, despite being very good for you.

A cupcake in a cup...go figure

I know, this is an odd concept that some of us, like myself, may take some getting used to.

If you are interested in consuming delicious free beverages/foods you should join us next time, Wednesday January 20th, when we will be making Maccha Lemonade! Also, as a thank you to all members of the fellowship, participants receive discounts on all maccha products purchased at the fellowship.


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