Sid Cross, renowned food and wine judge, offered really kind words to us

Posted in Uncategorized by jagajared on August 3, 2012

Some really nice words from Sid Cross:

I am a retired partner at a large national Canadian law firm but now for the past 10 years am actively involved internationally as both a food and wine judge.  

I am co-Founder of the thriving Chefs’ Table Society of BC and judge several important competitions including the Canadian Culinary Championship, Gold Medal Plates, Lieutenant-Governor Awards For Excellence and the Canadian Wine Awards. I am really into food and wine and have been elected into the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame as a Supporter of the Industry.

I have been a green tea and maccha drinker for a long time trying many different brands.

I am so excited about your phenomenal maccha quality products that I felt compelled to send you this note to let you know.

You are outstanding entrepreneurs and all your products I have tried are excellent.  Leading the way are your single cultivar 100% okumidori

Fujioka’s micro-lot “Eagle”( so round & delicate) ground tencha green tea and the “Raven” (so full & tangy)in a very close second place!

The aromatics are so interesting like smelling the complex bouquet of a very fine wine.

Appreciate how you arrange for the stone grinding of green tea leaves regularly in order to always keep the maccha so fresh.

Wonderful for us to be able to purchase them in a maximum size of 20 grams with the dates marked for both the harvest and the stone grinding.  Don’t know of anyone else in this market doing that. What outstanding quality control!

Drinking it is a joy and makes me feel strong and alive! Keep up this good work.

Would like to see a wider distribution of your products in the Greater Vancouver area so more consumers could try them.

If I can help you in any way do not hesitate to call on me or feel free to use me as an enthusiastic reference.