Issue #18 of JagaSpam: Book Launch on Friday at JagaSilk, Seating Area Reloaded, Hand-whipped Rooibos

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This Friday, Oct 7, Vladimir and Solomon Flad (father and 11 yr old son) will be having their book launch at JagaSilk teabar.
Free admission, JagaSilk teas and Terrible Truffles chocolates will be paired.
The authors will be doing readings of the children’s book they wrote at 5, 6, 7 and 8pm
Come on out and support the literary arts and these two amazing people while chilling out at our teabar.
The bar will be open until nine and in full sevrice… Maybe even serving Miyu’s famous event soup…  🙂


We will be doing some pretty big changes at the teabar, bringing in a couch and comfy chairs, moving the bar back a bit, and creating more room to sit down on the floor and enjoy a cup of tea and a nice organic custard pudding!
The retail space will find a new home and the look and feel inside will be one step closer to the vision we have in mind.

For quite some time now at JagaSilk, we have looked at whisking as an “extraction method” rather than purely a method limited to maccha preparation. We have been making “hand-whipped” london fogs for over a year, and extracting quality coffee using this method and filtering through a micro-filter has proven delicious!
Last week we did some extremely successful experiments with rooibos. As a “latte”, it is very hard to do anything more than a “misto”-like texture, half intense infusion and half steamed milk.
When we whip the tea, not only do we increase the creaminess of this fusion drink, but we drop a 5 minute extraction time down to 20 seconds! And it even tastes better!!!!!!!
Next time you are at the teabar, have a “Hand-whipped Rooibos Latte” for $4.25
Very good times.

Peace and light,

Jared and Miyu Nyberg

p. 1.778.430.5683
f. 1.778.430.5684


Issue #17 of JagaSpam: Maccha Has Arrived!, Fukamushi Sencha, Mason jar brewpot, Spiced Water, new JagaStaff

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DISCLAIMER: If you wish to be deregistered from our mailing list, just email back with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line. If you wish to keep receiving these, then we love you and think you are cool as a cucumber.

Our monthly replenishment of tea has arrived! This is the first of the 2011 maccha.
Initial cuppings have the organic single estates (Butterfly & Dragonfly) showcasing excellent nose and colour, but unfortunately lacklustre in body – a little thin and grassy. We would be scared if this wasn’t the case EVERY year… For some reason, giving the tencha until November to mature before milling always seems to do the trick. But you cannot beat the flowery and “embodiment of spring” factors at work here.

The estate blends (Nirvana & Crane) are, of course, perfect. Smooth, rich, creamy and sweet. Genius.

Remember, frequent flyers get an extra dollar off the refill packs…. And guaranteed stock… 😉


An old favourite is back: Harimaen estate’s Fukamushi Sencha. Deeply steamed and thus rich in body and sweetness, this tea requires  4g for every 8oz, making it slightly more economical than standard sencha that requires 8g per 8oz serving.
At JagaSilk we love the fast infusion sign, simplicity, and all around forgiving nature of this Sencha.


A work in progress for over 2 years:
– We have replaced the inner lid of a mason jar with a locally produced stainless steel sieve disc.
– Victoria leather craftsman Vladamir Flad of Accentric Arts has produced a choice of simple leather wrap or thick canvas jacket to protect the fingers.
– All for the ever popular “wide-mouth mason jar”, meaning if this jar breaks, it’s easy to replace. Though mason jars are strong and made for the heat.

$21 with the wrap
$9 with out


95% complete. Stay tuned…  🙂

Kanae Morioka – Runner up in the 2009 Maccha Latte Art Competition and the one who poured the latte art on our cover webpage – will be joining us to make drinks at Spiced Water, strengthen the desserts and food at JagaSilk/Spiced Water, pack tea, and make the “merch” side of what we do rock.
Graham Bouvier – trained with the reigning Canadian Barista Champion the 2011 Western Regional Champion – will be joining us to rock the teabar, make the Spiced Water glow with awesomeness, spiff up the equipment, and cup a LOT of teas and coffees. He will be strengthening our training systems and our web presence.
Toni Hiatt – Joins us from a few seasons of treeplanting and experience at the esteemed A Ladybug Cafe – she will also be behind the bar at both locations, growing camellia sinensis, and otherwise whisking, brewing, and extracting yummy beverages…


– In October, JagaSilk loose tea will be released at Fresh Cafe in the Selkirk development of Victoria BC.
Greg and his staff have a very high calibre of food and drinks and it is going to be really cool to be working with them above and beyond the current JagaSilk maccha menu! Awesome.
– James Bay Discovery Coffee will be opening very, very soon…. And it will have our loose teas (like the other two)

Peace and light,

Jared and Miyu Nyberg

p. 1.778.430.5683
f. 1.778.430.5684

A17-633 Courtney St
Victoria, BC, V8W 1B9

Jared and Miyu Nyberg

p. 1.778.430.5683
f. 1.778.430.5684

A17-633 Courtney St
Victoria, BC, V8W 1B9

Issue #16 of JagaSpam: New Teas, Teabar baristas, Adrian Bronson in CD, Maccha situation, Yuzu Soda

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JagaSilk will be partnering to open Spiced Water, a spiced water bar serving multi-roaster single origin coffee, JagaSilk maccha, our seasonal teas, and a brilliant food and dessert menu in an effort to manifest what we want to see in a flagship cafe.
Opening Sept 2011 (the goal) we will be closing the teabar for Sept 13-17 so we can focus on the last push of getting Spiced Water up and running and the new JagaSIlk staff members trained.
You will see a lot of crossover with staff and drink ideas. JagaSilk will remain the space to have a conversation about tea, while Spiced Water will be fast paced, open longer hours, and bring equal balance to tea and coffee.

MACCHA FRESH-INOur monthly order from Harimaen is in transit from Japan as we speak.

Nothing quite as gorgeous as freshly micro-milled maccha.

We are pumped to explore the new first flush flavour profiles this order is going to present!


Today at JagaSilk, something wonderful occurred.

Our tea direct from India arrived via FedEx
We are rediculously excited about the line up of teas soon to be released at JagaSilk
The sneak preview…
1. Giddapahar Est SFTGFOP 1 CH SPL, Darjeeling region, 1st Flush 2011
2. Rani Est Assam CTC, Assam region, 2nd Flush 2011
3. Frans & Gerda’s Organic Rooibos, Cederberg region, Jan 2011 (FYI South African and unrelated to the FedEx package)
4. Rani Est Organic Earl Grey, Assam region, 2nd Flush 2011
(Earl Grey is simply black tea leaves rolled in the oil of bergamot – a citrus fruit – and we are now officially rolling our own at JagaSilk!)
There are many more that will slowly reveal themselves in our limited offering tea program…
We have been looking forward to receiving these teas for WAY too long. The Indian teas arrived Sept 7th at 1pm and we timed two of them in and started bar service previews at 4pm.
– The Giddapahar is the bomb. Probably the highest grade of tea we have yet to cup from the Darjeeling region.
$6.75 for a pot at the teabar.
– The Rani CTC is showcasing what we want to see in an Assam when we extract 4g via pour-over and a wine aerator. Gorgeous.
$3 for a pot at the teabar.


Available soon: Adrian Bronson’s CD from his fabulous show where we served iced tea cold brewed and bottled in wine bottles.

Tracks featured:Bela Bartok’s “Romanian Folk Danses”
Richard Wagner’s “Wesendonck Lieder”
Beethoven’s “Violin & Piano Sonata” (Op. 24)

Available through Adrian, soon at JAGASILK inside of Nootka Court (Behind the bug zoo) at 17A-633 Courtney St, or by calling            778-679-2172      .


Midori (two time Maccha Latte art competition winner) and Ryan (sales assistant) left us for the island life off the coast of southern Japan. We may see them again in a year or two, but for now they are taking in the “inaka” experience and seeing what life throws their way.

Justin Coward (Maccha Journeyman) has left for a year long exchange to University in Morioka. He plans to return and join us at both JagaSilk teabar and Spiced Water
We have new baristas joining us that we will introduce in the next JagaSpam. Some powerful awesome people.

If you have not tried the Yuzu Soda at JagaSilk teabar this summer, you need to.
Beautiful citrus jam tea we learned in our travels in Japan can be blended with sparkling water to make quite the thirst quenching beverage. Delicious. $3.

Peace and light,

Jared and Miyu Nyberg

Issue #15 of JagaSpam: Custard, Piano, Hazuki, Radiation, New Customers, & Fresh Cup Magazine

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Every morning we have been perfecting the simple but beautiful art of good custard pudding.
Recent experiments have even found us creating a really nicely balanced black tea custard pudding.
Made with organic free range eggs, organic milk, organic & fair trade sugar from Paraguay, and organic whipped cream from Avalon dairy in Vancouver, we have had a fantastic response.

They are baked right into a little 4oz mason jar, allowing unfortunate souls that do not have the time to stick around the chance to enjoy one outside the teabar.

$2.25 ea at the teabar
$1 deposit to bring it home

Pairs beautifully with pour-over Rani Estate Assam 2nd Flush

Grab some tickets from the teabar to support the ever so talented Adrian Bronson.
Adrian has great skills on the piano and delivers a memorable classical recital with a solid balance of emotion and perfection on the keys.

Program includes:

Bela Bartok’s “Romanian Folk Danses”
Richard Wagner’s “Wesendonck Lieder”
Beethoven’s “Violin & Piano Sonata” (Op. 24)

We will be serving tea during the intermission, and an array of items will be up for grabs in our silent auction.

“Don’t miss this fabulous evening of entertainment, featuring some of Victoria’s brightest up-and-coming musicians.”

Tickets: $20
Available through the performers, at JAGASILK inside of Nootka Court (Behind the bug zoo) at 17A-633 Courtney St, or by calling 778-679-2172.


This month’s package:
– Yang Si’s Pu’erh 10g
– Assam & Cardamom 20g*
– Summer Breeze (Lavender, Peppermint & Chamomile) 20g*
– Harimaen Est Genmaicha 20g*
* Certified organic

$30 for all 4 teas and a non-leeching tin made in Japan.
Wrapped up nice with brewing instructions and information on each tea.

RADIATION ANALYSIS: JagaSilk believes in education, analysis and intuition

– When we first got the news about the tsunami, earthquake, and nuclear crisis, we were worried for family, friends, suppliers, the world. We spent many sleepless nights trying to understand what was and is occurring.
– We consider our business to be an extension of our selves. Therefore, we decided the most appropriate action to take in negotiating the impact of the nuclear crisis was to get educated and to get our product tested. After that, we would make some decisions.
– We buy our tea from Uji, Kyoto, Japan. It is over 700km away from Fukushima and tests from the Japanese government (below), the Canada Border Services Agency, the E.U., and a third party lab have confirmed that radiation is not detected in tea from Uji.
– We are getting our tea tested with every shipment.
– There was no graphite in the core at Fukushima and so it will not affect, for example, pasta made in Italy (in the Chernobyl tragedy, graphite was in the reaction and the subsequent explosion blew radiation up into the atmosphere, making the accident international).
– The accident is heavily localised (although the release into the ocean has affected coastal areas)
– Strangely enough (just to put things in context) it seems that radiation levels in New York, Singapore and Hong Kong are all higher than Tokyo. That was interesting to read.
– In the end, our research, analysis and intuition have us really enjoying the 2011 harvest from Uji


– 49th Parallel Roastery & Cafe (Vancouver BC – Kitsilano) http://www.49thparallelroasters.com/
– The Bubble Tea Place (Victoria BC – Chinatown) http://www.thebubbleteaplace.com/
– Gracious Goods Cafe (Edmonton AB – Near University of Alberta) http://www.graciousgoodscafe.com/
– T Fusion (Medison Hat AB – classes, wholesale, farmer’s market, etc)


Check out this link to the most excellent article that features us in the industry magazine Fresh Cup (their July 2011 issue).

Hope to see you soon!

Peace and light,

Jared and Miyu Nyberg

p. 1.778.430.5683
f. 1.778.430.5684

A17-633 Courtney St
Victoria, BC, V8W 1B9

Live Music at JagaSilk: Huamali Tippet at 7:30pm: June 24 (Fri): Live & Unmastered CD to be Released!

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All ticket sales will go to the musicians.
A live & unmastered CD recorded a couple days previous will be released at the show.
Tell everyone you know and let’s give Huamali Tippet – www.reverbnation.com/huamalitippet  – an audience that appreciates the quality a solo acoustic show like this can be.HUAMALI TIPPET


Inspiring and thoughtful, powerful and rhythmic, Huamali Tippet’s music is deceptive in its simplicity, beautiful in its lyrical meaning, and a driving force in the uncharted territory it so effortlessly owns. A poetic meeting of folk, blues, and something undefinable, his performances are always delivered with sincerity.

– Hide quoted text –

June 24 (Fri)
7:30pm (Doors open at 7pm)
Live at JagaSilk Teabar

(advance tickets can be purchased at JagaSilk teabar)

17A-633 Courtney St, Victoria BC (inside Nootka Court behind the bug zoo – buzzer entry only after 6pm)
tel. 778-430-5683


* Live & Unmastered CD recorded June 22 2011 to be released at the show *

Reserve your ticket now!    🙂
We will send out another email in the event that we sell out.

Boiling point at 90 C

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It was brought to my attention today by Pedro, founder of Dao Tea, that his green Pu’erh tastes great steeped in 90C water because, he says, that is boiling point where it is grown.

That made me pause. Wow.

Could it be possible that countless years of tea production makes farmers choose plants that are easiest to prepare at high elevations? They would just pour boiling water on their tea and drink the infusion. That would be why, as an example, Darjeeling region Indian teas often taste better timed in at 90 C while Assam region Indian teas taste better at 100 C. Darjeeling is a very high elevation, whilst Assam is under 200m above sea level. Water boils at 90 C in Darjeeling, yet boils at 100 C in Assam because of its elevation…

When farmer’s make their choice as to which sub-varietal of camellia sinensis and/or assamica to move forward with, elevation probably plays a larger role than thought. Even as buyers visiting origin, watching someone in the upper reaches of Alishan in Taiwan pour boiling water over their tea for a 5 second flash steep could be misleading. That seem tea just might taste best at 90 C when prepared at a lower elevation to adjust for the different boiling point…

Issue #14 of JagaSpam: NEW TEABAR HOURS, Lemon Maccha Iced Tea, Macchai Reloaded, Satsuki

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NEW TEABAR HOURS: 11:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM

Come down to the teabar! JagaSilk is now open new extended hours. 11am-6pm.


Now whisking up some pretty tasty ice drinks at JagaSilk.
You can also make it at home!

– 1g organic maccha
– 1.5 tsp organic sugar
– whisk
– pour over iced water
– squeeze in 1/4 a lemon

This creates total awesomeness.


Masala macchai is now packed in 80g tins instead of 100g black bags. It used to be 100g for $23, but now we dropped the cost per g on the refill packs!   🙂

Masala Macchai:

– 80g tin: $23
– 80g Refill: $18
– Frequent flyer price: $17 + (-)2%

Less packaging, better for the environment, cheaper, and oh, so good


This month’s package:
– Wen Xingzhou’s Dargon Well 20g
– Assam & Elderflower 20g**
– Ginger Licorice 20g**
– Uva Est Blend Ceylon 20g**
** Certified organic by USDA

$30 for all 4 teas and a non-leeching tin made in Japan and wrapped up all purdy.

Hope to see you down at the teabar soon!

Peace and light,

Jared and Miyu Nyberg

A17-633 Courtney St
Victoria, BC, V8W 1B9

Issue #13 of JagaSpam: Maccha so fresh it hurts

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Maccha arrived at the end of April. It tastes so absolutely gorgeous!
We brought in more stock to combat the blackouts but even though we doubled our Dragonfly stock at the teabar, there are only 5 left. Craziness.

Head down to your local Noodle Box and enjoy a maccha limeade we concocted with them last year and will now be on their permanent menu it’s so good!
$3 per glass, made with organic maccha, evaporated cane sugar, and fresh squeezed lime!!!

The 2011 first flush harvest from the Harimean estate is just around the corner…. mmmmm…..

Live Music at JagaSilk: $10: Sister Speak at 7pm: April 27 (Wed): Live CD Release!

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This will be the first live show of many planned for the JagaSilk Teabar. All ticket sales will go to the musicians. A live CD recorded a couple days previous will be released at the show.

Tell everyone you know and let’s give Sister Speak – www.sisterspeakmusic.com – an awe inspiring acoustic show at the teabar.


“Rarely is music so engaging, authentic, and unpretentiously beautiful. The lyrics are tender and unguardedly beautiful, the melodies are intricate yet infinitely accessible…”
– Laura McSpadden, Empty Closet, Rochester, New York

April 27 (Wed)
Live at JagaSilk Teabar

(purchase at the teabar, or online through Sister Speak or JagaSilk)

17A-633 Courtney St, Victoria BC (inside Nootka Court behind the bug zoo – buzzer entry only after 6pm)
tel. 778-430-5683


* Live CD recorded April 25 2011 to be released at the show *

Reserve your ticket now!    🙂

Issue #12 of JagaSpam: Maccha and CFIA, Yummy Teas, and Cheesecake

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   Because of recent developments in the Japanese nuclear crisis, our maccha has been held up at the border.

   It is critical that we prove to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) that our tea is not from the “Listed Prefectures” affected by the crisis.

   The Harimaen Estate is certified organic and located in Uji, Kyoto, Japan and has been largely unaffected by the crisis. However, to assuage customer concerns, the Harima family has been regularly submitting their tea for analysis. The tests have consistently come back showing evidence of no radiation.

   Therefore, the hold-up involves JagaSilk submitting paperwork that proves origin (which we have been fervently doing!) and the ETA for our tea is within the next 10-14 days. 

   Thank you for your support!


If you have not had a chance to try them, do so.

The Dragon Well has been hand-picked from semi-wild camellia sinensis that has grown to full height. The trees are of excellent origin, and the flavour is exquisite. We have brought in a 2010 harvest and have thus been given the opportunity to showcase this tea at the “proper time” of year. It is my favourite tea we have right now.

The Jungpana Estate is a Darjeeling region black tea from the Fall 2010 harvest. It is the first time we have had an “Autumnal” and the flavour is surprising for a tea from Darjeeling. It is really just like a middle ground between Assam’s bassy notes and the grape notes of Darjeelings. Harvested from teh same peak as Castelton, this is one damn fine black tea.

The Potion is a blend of local stinging nettle, chamomile, and rosehips. We have finally brought it back after 1.5 years and the response has been most excellent. This tea was put together by Miyuki and is excellent for treating seasonal allergies.


On April 18, come down and pair some of your favourite teas with lovingly made cheesecake made exclusivley for JagaSilk by Akemi of the Orange Duck Icecream Company!
She has also added an icecream featuring local bumbleberry wine and currants. (Currently available)

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