Issue #18 of JagaSpam: Book Launch on Friday at JagaSilk, Seating Area Reloaded, Hand-whipped Rooibos

Posted in Events,Maccha,Matcha,Preparation,Tea by jagajared on October 1, 2011


This Friday, Oct 7, Vladimir and Solomon Flad (father and 11 yr old son) will be having their book launch at JagaSilk teabar.
Free admission, JagaSilk teas and Terrible Truffles chocolates will be paired.
The authors will be doing readings of the children’s book they wrote at 5, 6, 7 and 8pm
Come on out and support the literary arts and these two amazing people while chilling out at our teabar.
The bar will be open until nine and in full sevrice… Maybe even serving Miyu’s famous event soup…  🙂


We will be doing some pretty big changes at the teabar, bringing in a couch and comfy chairs, moving the bar back a bit, and creating more room to sit down on the floor and enjoy a cup of tea and a nice organic custard pudding!
The retail space will find a new home and the look and feel inside will be one step closer to the vision we have in mind.

For quite some time now at JagaSilk, we have looked at whisking as an “extraction method” rather than purely a method limited to maccha preparation. We have been making “hand-whipped” london fogs for over a year, and extracting quality coffee using this method and filtering through a micro-filter has proven delicious!
Last week we did some extremely successful experiments with rooibos. As a “latte”, it is very hard to do anything more than a “misto”-like texture, half intense infusion and half steamed milk.
When we whip the tea, not only do we increase the creaminess of this fusion drink, but we drop a 5 minute extraction time down to 20 seconds! And it even tastes better!!!!!!!
Next time you are at the teabar, have a “Hand-whipped Rooibos Latte” for $4.25
Very good times.

Peace and light,

Jared and Miyu Nyberg

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