Temperature Control

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It came to me the other day after we went on a tea and coffee crawl of Victoria that we have been doing it all wrong for temperature control for a long time now. For some reason, when it comes to loose tea, we ahve been doing a good job, yet with maccha a bad job.

A delicate high grade of Japanese green tea, steamed to a fairly common depth, generally requires 70 C poured over it. With loose tea, we recommend the “transfer method”. Every time you pour hot water into a room temperature vessel, it cools by 10 C with almost mathematical precision. Boiling water is 100 C, so most people making tea at home can incorporate a decanter, cups, and teapot to transfer to the appropriate temp. Pour that water over the leaves and you are good to go.

HOWEVER, with maccha we have always recommended 1/2 boiling and 1/2 cold purified water to get 70 C. Though the temp is technically the same, the water does not mix appropriately. The resulting flavour is sour and diappointing when compared to the transfer method.

Try pouring boiling water into your maccha bowl (preheats), pouring that water into a measuring cup to control volume. Pour that water into a room temp cup you have around, and pour THAT water on your maccha that you quickly sifted into a bowl. We have noticed Dragonfly grade sees particular benefit from this technique.



Issue #7 of JagaSpam

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JagaSilk’s new tea packing manager arrived in her very own tea box yesterday! Midori Higa will now be running the show when it comes to the overly controlling packing protocol at the Silk. Next time you see her, tell her you saw her when she came out of the box (see attached picture)


Also in the receiving room entered the beautiful 2010 harvest of Japanese loose teas. Though behind the ball a little bit here, we plan on making 2010 even more intense for quality assurance. Our batches we import have gotten smaller, so the limited offering concept we have brought about will be more apparent. We are currently working on finding the perfect steeping coordinates for:

– Harimaen Estate Organic Gyokuro, Bancha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, and Konacha.
– We will also have an organic Rooibos from the Cederberg region of South Africa, hand-picked and processed by the amazing Mr. Hanz Van der Westhuisen!


We have changed the chocolate at the teabar to something incredible. We are whisking up a powerful raw chocolate from our good friend Shawna Barker of Gaia’s Living Foods. The creaminess and inherent sweetness just blow us away time after time. We are ever so excited about this drink! Served, of course, with the lovely glass bottled organic Avalon milk.


– Very cool new concept for loose teas where we release them in monthly installments and start a little bit of a tea club
– Sign people up for receiving their very own fresh maccha as soon as it arrives, freshly stone ground in Uji. Those who sign up for a standing order will receive 5% off the retail price
– New format for retail refill packs: we will remove the packs from the black pouches in the 40g and sell the refill packs in light protecting shelf boxes.
– We will do the same for our loose teas: no more needles packaging; just the foil packs to keep the integrity of the tea. (Make sure you have a waterproff tin!)

Hope to see you soon at the teabar!