Issue #21 of JagaSpam: Adrian Eseau Live Jan 27!!! – Teabar is rockin the brewer

Posted in Events,Maccha,Matcha,Preparation,Tea by jagajared on January 27, 2012

1. LIVE AT JAGASILK TEABAR: Adrian Esau: All proceeds to “Music for Youth Works”

Adrian Esau will be performing at the teabar.
We had to print 40 tickets and 30 have already sold!
30 seats – $10 ticket goes to “music for youth works”
– tickets available through Adrian or JagaSilk Teabar

* Live & Unmastered CD recorded earlier in the week will be released at show*

“Ever with a song in his head and music flowing from his fingertips,
whether it be through six strings or simply pots and pans, adrian’s love for music permeates all aspects of his life. with a barefoot in the sands of folk, a heavy boot in the muddy blues, and a mind for anything that makes noise, his style is raw and heartful to say the least.”

The Live CD recorded at JagaSilk is $10 and definitely worth every penny.
Come pick up a copy, support a very awesome local musician, and listen to some very good songs.

2. FINALLY!!!! – Mason Jar Brewer

The mason jar brewer is finally out. Our first round last week sold out almost instantly. We put 6 more out there. $20 with the locally made sleeve. A naked brewer? $10.
– Check them in action at Spiced Water
– Manufactured at JagaSilk! We simply replaced the inner lid of a wide mouth mason jar with a sieve
– Uses gravity to make one of the best cups of cofee or tea you ever saw!!!!

Snow and electrical outages caused by building maintenance had the teabar close a number of days in early January. We are open and the staff are rocking up a storm!
Tues-Sat 11am-6pm
Tea Academy & Wholesale: By appointment outside these hours