Issue #2 of JagaSpam (brought to you by the maccha madness at JagaSilk)


In response to mad amounts of marketing calls, JagaSilk has decided to decapitate the hydra and change their phone number:

It is now

p. 1.778.430.5683
f. 1.778.430.5684


Opening the teabar from 1-7, Tues to Sat has been a great success! We have seen many familiar faces, and many new ones.

The most popular thing to do around haere is stop in at Daidoco next door for lunch (best Japanese food in the city!) and pop in to JagaSilk for tea afterward.

Samples for the Nuwara Eliya region Ceylon black tea we will be releasing have arrived. Swing by the teabar for a sneak preview while the leaves last! The harvest date says June15th, 2010. Is that not out of this world mind-boggling????? So very very very fresh.

I love fresh tea!


The website has been updated with loose teas. We actually have a few more varieties, but there is so little left…


Samples of the Japanese 2010 harvest are slated to arrive in July. After we sample them, we will place an order with our tea garden. We will try to keep everyone posted on their arrival…

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