Issue #25 of JagaSpam: Going to Japan, Tea Sharing Event, New Customers to Check Out

Posted in Uncategorized by jagajared on October 8, 2013
We will be visiting tea gardens in Japan from the 16th to Nov 02
We will be closed: Oct 15~Nov 04 so please get your online orders (reminder: free shipping worldwide on maccha refill packs) before Friday.
We will bring back many stories with us and look forward to sharing them with you.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
Please follow our adventure on Twitter @JagaSilk 
or add “Jaga Silk” as a friend on Facebook to see updates of our adventure.
We will be hosting an evening of tea sharing on Nov 15th from 6pm ~ 8pm to celebrate this trip.
Join us free admission and invite fellow tea / flavour enthusiasts.
Transcend Coffee has done a stellar launch of our products online at transcendcoffee.ca and in their stores in Edmonton.
They are featuring curated teas and our London Fog to start.
Picnic here in Victoria launched our maccha and curated line of teas at both locations this week. They have been carrying our tea lattes (chai, fog, macchai) for a year and decided to take on the full project. They are doing a bang up job!
Cartems Donuterie in Vancouver will be opening up a gourmet donuterie on Pender with our line of curated teas to support it.
Neverland Tea Salon in Vancouver will be featuring our maccha Owl and Raven on their tea menu
4. 2012 harvest sale at Red Barn
All must go to Red Barn here in Victoria to grab our products at 50% off to clear the way for 2013 harvest teas. 
They have been stored well and should taste great, but we want them gone.
Hopefully you can find some room in your cupboard.