JagaSpam Issue #1

To receive in your email, send a request to maccha@jagasilk.com


Our teabar has now been open for almost 1 year. We have decided to give it the attention it deserves, taking it from a wholesale hub open to the public on Friday and Saturday, to a more accessible timeline; it will become a full-fledged teabar open 5 days a week.

Though this week we are open only today (June 16; a Wednesday) and tomorrow from 1-7…

**** Beginning next week, June 22nd (tues), we will be open Tuesday to Saturday, 1-7

We are located at A17-633 Courtney St, right behind the Bug Zoo in beautiful Victoria, BC. Come find us inside of Nootka Court (humbly located next to the Fairmont Empress Hotel)

Our latest feature is inspired by Russian jam tea. We have blended organic house raspberry jam and blended it with a koicha maccha shot, poured over organic Avalon milk on the rocks. Damn fine!

Iced Organic Raspberry Maccha Jam Latte… $5.75
Iced Organic Raspberry Maccha Jam Tea… $5.25


Our latest shipment arrived last week. We have a stone grinding date of June 1, 2010! How cool is that? So very fresh. As usual, maccha that will blow your senses!


I have decided to blog. Check it out at: https://jagasilk.wordpress.com/

Peace and light to you all!

Jared and Miyu Nyberg

p. 1.250.721.5242
f. 1.250.721.5243

A17-633 Courtney St
Victoria, BC, V8W 1B9


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