JagaSpam #5

Posted in Maccha,Matcha,Tea by jagajared on August 20, 2010


Here at JagaSilk, we blended our own masala for a green tea chai, and recently overcame the biggest obstacle to its applicability outside the teabar:

Obstacle: How do you maintain the integrity of a tea and have it as a preblend, something often synonymous with low quality.

Answer: Fresh maccha, pepper milled mere moments before packaging, ethically source spices, a simple masala (maccha, pepper, cinnamon and panela) and the rawest of cane sugars. The cane sugar we sourced is simply the result of removing the sugar from the sugarcane. Period.

The resulting 100g Masal Macchai retails for $23 and can be made just like maccha, except you use a tbsp instead of a tsp for your latte. The Macchai has been our most popular drink at the teabar for the whole summer, and now it has a place in our line-up on the shelf. It might just be popping up with our wholesale customers as well…


We believe that tea is good for maybe 15 months from harvest, tops, and that’s pushing it. There will probably come a day where JagaSilk short-dates loose tea like we do our maccha to further push the bar on the concept that tea is like any fine perishable good. A talented herbalist will tell you that many herbs start to lose medicinal value a year or so after harvest.

Therefore: Come by JagaSilk, our tea is on for 50% off! Hojich for $2.50 per 20g, Premium Sencha for $5 per 20g.

One of two things will happen:
1. A mad rush of people will storm the gates when we open the shop on Tuesday (currently we are in the midst of a week-long summer break) and the tea will be gone in a matter of minutes
2. People will roll their eyes in disgust that JagaSilk would even consider selling tea that is not the epitome of quality and freshness. Scoff, scoff, scoff. Only the 2010 will sell…


– The 2010 maccha harvest is here and has been for the month of August.
– We have a silver needle form the highest peak of Sri Lanka, of the highest calibre of quality we have ever got our hands on, selling for $17 a pot here at the teabar. There were 10 pots. We drank one and sold 4 so far, and it has been available for one week.
– There is talk of a teapresso making its way to JagaSilk’s teabar…
– Orange Duck ice cream is this close to wholesale availability. Production will be limited, so anyone interested in wholesale organic tea ice cream should shoot me an email.
– This year we will be bringing in an organic bancha and a premium “select” sencha. Mmmmmm… You will be notified when these teas arrive.
– The Nuwara Eliya was timed in at 3g : 90 C : 240ml : 3.5 mins     It tastes like a beautiful and grapey Darjeeling.
– New JagaSilk herbal tea blends are around the corner… Sweetness…