Issue #16 of JagaSpam: New Teas, Teabar baristas, Adrian Bronson in CD, Maccha situation, Yuzu Soda

Posted in Maccha,Matcha,Tea by jagajared on September 7, 2011

JagaSilk will be partnering to open Spiced Water, a spiced water bar serving multi-roaster single origin coffee, JagaSilk maccha, our seasonal teas, and a brilliant food and dessert menu in an effort to manifest what we want to see in a flagship cafe.
Opening Sept 2011 (the goal) we will be closing the teabar for Sept 13-17 so we can focus on the last push of getting Spiced Water up and running and the new JagaSIlk staff members trained.
You will see a lot of crossover with staff and drink ideas. JagaSilk will remain the space to have a conversation about tea, while Spiced Water will be fast paced, open longer hours, and bring equal balance to tea and coffee.

MACCHA FRESH-INOur monthly order from Harimaen is in transit from Japan as we speak.

Nothing quite as gorgeous as freshly micro-milled maccha.

We are pumped to explore the new first flush flavour profiles this order is going to present!


Today at JagaSilk, something wonderful occurred.

Our tea direct from India arrived via FedEx
We are rediculously excited about the line up of teas soon to be released at JagaSilk
The sneak preview…
1. Giddapahar Est SFTGFOP 1 CH SPL, Darjeeling region, 1st Flush 2011
2. Rani Est Assam CTC, Assam region, 2nd Flush 2011
3. Frans & Gerda’s Organic Rooibos, Cederberg region, Jan 2011 (FYI South African and unrelated to the FedEx package)
4. Rani Est Organic Earl Grey, Assam region, 2nd Flush 2011
(Earl Grey is simply black tea leaves rolled in the oil of bergamot – a citrus fruit – and we are now officially rolling our own at JagaSilk!)
There are many more that will slowly reveal themselves in our limited offering tea program…
We have been looking forward to receiving these teas for WAY too long. The Indian teas arrived Sept 7th at 1pm and we timed two of them in and started bar service previews at 4pm.
– The Giddapahar is the bomb. Probably the highest grade of tea we have yet to cup from the Darjeeling region.
$6.75 for a pot at the teabar.
– The Rani CTC is showcasing what we want to see in an Assam when we extract 4g via pour-over and a wine aerator. Gorgeous.
$3 for a pot at the teabar.


Available soon: Adrian Bronson’s CD from his fabulous show where we served iced tea cold brewed and bottled in wine bottles.

Tracks featured:Bela Bartok’s “Romanian Folk Danses”
Richard Wagner’s “Wesendonck Lieder”
Beethoven’s “Violin & Piano Sonata” (Op. 24)

Available through Adrian, soon at JAGASILK inside of Nootka Court (Behind the bug zoo) at 17A-633 Courtney St, or by calling            778-679-2172      .


Midori (two time Maccha Latte art competition winner) and Ryan (sales assistant) left us for the island life off the coast of southern Japan. We may see them again in a year or two, but for now they are taking in the “inaka” experience and seeing what life throws their way.

Justin Coward (Maccha Journeyman) has left for a year long exchange to University in Morioka. He plans to return and join us at both JagaSilk teabar and Spiced Water
We have new baristas joining us that we will introduce in the next JagaSpam. Some powerful awesome people.

If you have not tried the Yuzu Soda at JagaSilk teabar this summer, you need to.
Beautiful citrus jam tea we learned in our travels in Japan can be blended with sparkling water to make quite the thirst quenching beverage. Delicious. $3.

Peace and light,

Jared and Miyu Nyberg

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