Boiling point at 90 C

Posted in Uncategorized by jagajared on June 9, 2011

It was brought to my attention today by Pedro, founder of Dao Tea, that his green Pu’erh tastes great steeped in 90C water because, he says, that is boiling point where it is grown.

That made me pause. Wow.

Could it be possible that countless years of tea production makes farmers choose plants that are easiest to prepare at high elevations? They would just pour boiling water on their tea and drink the infusion. That would be why, as an example, Darjeeling region Indian teas often taste better timed in at 90 C while Assam region Indian teas taste better at 100 C. Darjeeling is a very high elevation, whilst Assam is under 200m above sea level. Water boils at 90 C in Darjeeling, yet boils at 100 C in Assam because of its elevation…

When farmer’s make their choice as to which sub-varietal of camellia sinensis and/or assamica to move forward with, elevation probably plays a larger role than thought. Even as buyers visiting origin, watching someone in the upper reaches of Alishan in Taiwan pour boiling water over their tea for a 5 second flash steep could be misleading. That seem tea just might taste best at 90 C when prepared at a lower elevation to adjust for the different boiling point…


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