Frequent Flyer Program

Posted in Uncategorized by jagajared on December 28, 2010

I have been getting a lot of requests about the Frequent Flyer Program. As a sample explanation, here is a sample of email correspondance with a customer in Denmark:


I am happy to hear that you wish to try our maccha all the way from Denmark.

As you are a student of Urasenke, please consider the following:

Butterfly is our lowest grade (a perfect medium grade, balancing bitter and sweet)

Please look at our other grades online at http://www.jagasilk.com/catalog/20/maccha

We also offer “the Frequent Flyer Program” for maccha fresh in. We order monthly from Uji, Kyoto, Japan, and supply many custoers with “refills” for their maccha tins. These refills come in a sealed, foil pack, but do not include the tin. They are $6 cheaper tahn the price listed on the website.

It is normally $20 for shipping outside of the country as a flat rate. It is $5 for “refill only” orders as they fit in a standard envelope and cost less to ship.

I recommend our “tasting set” which includes a maccha tin with an inner lid and 4 x maccha 20g (Happy, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Nirvana) for $87. This would allow you to try each grade one after the other and then select your favourite(s) for the monthly shipments (if you choose to join).

We would then send you monthly, fresh maccha shipments to Denmark at a $5 flat rate.


$87 + $20 for your first shipment is what I recommend ($22 + $20 for just Butterfly 20g)

Following that, if you select Butterfly 20g for the Frequent Flyer program, a common order would look like:

Butterfly 20g refill at $16 x 4 = $64 + $5 shipping
= $69 per month for fresh monthly shipments of maccha to Denmark.

Thank you and apologies if this is an overly complicated answer.


Jared and Miyu Nyberg

p. 1.778.430.5683
f. 1.778.430.5684

A17-633 Courtney St
Victoria, BC, V8W 1B9


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