JagaSpam Issue #9: The Christmas Issue

Posted in Uncategorized by jagajared on December 23, 2010


In Japan, maccha chocolate is always done with white chocolate to prevent the green tea flavour from being lost. With white chocolate, the aromatic and smooth bittersweet of the tea completes what the chocolate begins.
With the culinary and small batch expertise of our friends at Orange Duck, we were able to blend our freshly stone ground Uji region organic maccha green tea with Schokinag white chocolate for unbelievable results. Wow.
Come down to teh teabar to grab some. $4 for 7g of absolute awesomeness. Email me if you would like them couriered. ($10 flat fee no matter how much you purchase)


After months of waiting, the chasen have arrived!!!!!!!!! They almost made it to the teabar today but Canada Post and us weren’t at the same place at the same time. We will be waiting for them tomorrow morning and should have chasen and maccha starter kits tomorrow! There are some beautiful kits!

– Apprentice Kit – Simple and sweet with an Apprentice chasen, ceramic chasen stand, Apprentice bowl, and chashaku
– Journeyman Kit – Has a Shin chasen, ceramic chasen stand, Apprentice bowl, and chashaku and comes in a beautiful cedar shingle box by Jess Williams
– Macchartist Kit – Shin chasen, oak chasen stand, kan’nyu bowl, chashaku, sieve, measuring spoon and comes in a fold down thin cedar box/display by Brad Mielke

These sell out so quick it is unbelievable, so be there or be… without a Kubo chasen


The Frequent Flyer program for people wanting fresh-in maccha has been going awesome! Some people have been bringing in multiple grades, regular shipments of Macchai, making sure they stay in stock on their green tea bath salts, and have extended the meaning of the Frequent Flyer Program from a project focused on getting people the freshest maccha in North America to a place were we keep Jaga peoples in stock on all their Jaga stuff!

The system for our Limited Offering monthly loose tea selections is going well too. You can grab them monthly and pay monthly, pay for 6 months for 5% off, and 12 months for 10% off. This has been a pretty nifty gift for those in need of good tea without the time or locale to get it.


Cool stuff at the teabar for Christmas gifts for the inner tea geek:
– tea sets & decanters by Harumi Ota
– Maccha green tea bath salts
– Masala Macchai
– Cards by Erica Rieger
– Hand-bound books by Accentric Arts (we use them for tea journals!)
– Icecream by Orange Duck
– Japanese kimono clutch bags, bracelets, cell-phone holders by Toyo (our good friend Toyoko residing in Nagoya, Japan)


We will close Dec 25 – Jan 10 for the holidays!


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