JagaSilk Christmas Tea Party & Orange Duck Icecream Company Official Launch Party

Posted in Uncategorized by jagajared on December 12, 2010

Dec 17th (Fri)
at JagaSilk Teabar (17A-633 Courtney St, inside Nootka Court in behind the Bug Zoo)

– 12pm Doors open
– 1pm … Tea & Fresh Fruit Pairing
– 3pm … Organic Icecream Sandwich Sampling
– 5pm … Wine-bottled Tea & Cheese Pairing
– 7pm … Sampling of the Freshest Icecream POSSIBLE (Made right then!!!!!)
– 8pm … Doors close

Funky gifts for your or your loved one’s inner tea geek created by JagaSilk
Artisian icecream made with 100% organic ingredients by the Orange Duck Icecream Company

– New JagaSilk stuff that has never been officially released!!!
– Sign-up yourself or a family member/friend/partner/casual acquaintance for a monthly tea box or the JagaSilk Frequent Flyer Program (fresh maccha subscription)
– Treat yourself to some good cheer and good peoples down at the teabar! (gift certificates baby!)

Have you ever had a maccha latte made with Crane Flies Above the Clouds? It’s basically heretical but oh so disturbingly delicious….
Ever tried 100% organic, small batch London Fog icecream? Maccha icecream made with actually fresh maccha?

Dec 17th shall reveal one of the most exquisite maccha creations we have ever had the opportunity to be a part of….



Jared and Miyu Nyberg

p. 1.778.430.5683
f. 1.778.430.5684

A17-633 Courtney St
Victoria, BC, V8W 1B9


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