JagaSpam Issue #3

Posted in Maccha,Matcha,Tea by jagajared on July 7, 2010


We are sold out of June’s Dragonfly and Butterfly (though our cafes and supermarkets we supply still have stock)
Therefore we are serving Nirvana for the price of Dragonfly. If you have yet to sample Nirvana grade maccha, then now is the time! The master blender who creates the Nirvana blend has years of professional blending education under his belt. Pulling from various gardens within the region, it is actually quite amazing how perfect the consistency is on this tea from batch to batch.

We will let you know when the 2010 harvest maccha arrives. We wait impatiently here at the Silk.

We are also featuring the retail 20g tin and 40g refill pouches for Dragonfly prices! $27 and $44!


Our good friend has delivered the Nuwara Eliya to JagaSilk! This black tea was picked during the week of June 14th and can be traced back to its lot#!!!!

It is very interesting working with this high elevation. The fragile flavours consistently remind me of apricot. When the tea cools, the honey takes hold. So very wonderful!

Right now, timing in the tea has proven difficult. We are working with 3 minute steep, 3g, 240ml of 100 C hot water. When I take it to 3:15 I get tannin. I am debating between steeping less or decreasing how many leaves I use. Alternatively, I could use more leaves, drop the water temp, and increase the steeping time.

We shall keep you posted on this geeky side of the JagaSilk experience.


In our close work with Khona on 1090 Fort St (here in Victoria BC) we have developed a concept menu. Customers have their choice for any specialty drink between premium espresso or an Organic Maccha Butterfly base. The melt Lindt white chocolate for their Maccha Mocha. Pretty intense.


oz          coffee     maccha

latte                              8             3.25        4.75

This menu is pretty revolutionary.


We are working closely with our good friend’s brand new icecream copany “The Orange Duck”. She will be releasing 2 flavours to start, “Maccha” using our organic Butterfly grade, and “Earl Grey” using our organic & free trade Earl Grey.

Miyu and I are WAAAAAY too excited. The samples we received were simply outstanding. The owner Akemi is a culinary chef and teacher. The consistency she gets out of her ice cream defies the laws of physics   🙂     Uber smooth and so very nice and creamy. Organic Avalon cream, organic sugar, organic tea…. Mmmmmmmmm…..

Jared and Miyu Nyberg

p. 1.778.430.5683
f. 1.778.430.5684

A17-633 Courtney St
Victoria, BC, V8W 1B9


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