The Traditional Cappuccino… Green?

Posted in Maccha,Matcha,Tea,Uncategorized by jagajared on June 18, 2010

I was at Buon Amici’s today, dropping off some beautiful Dragonfly grade maccha, and Casey (a passionate barrista at the shop) made me a traditional cap. He made it single shot and I have to tell you, my palette is liking mild flavours.

When we first started JagaSilk, I remeber in a fit of tea snobbery, that I felt green tea and milk would never happen on good terms. However, when I got to thinking about it, maccha is used in ice cream, milk chocolate, etc. There was a culinary flavour pairing happening.

So 5 years ago we made the decision to go ahead with the maccha latte, using super quality ingredients. When you steam the milk just perfectly, pour a rosetta into pure, fresh, unadulterated maccha, the results are fantastic.

The dialogue with Casey at Buono’s about mild flavours and the traditional cap (5.5oz total drink size) had me immediately make a 1/2 tsp maccha cap in a traditional tulip ceramic cup. Arguably close to the same ratios as a full tsp 12 oz latte, something about the size made the drink so much more memorable. The mildness allowed the palette to really experience the flavour pairing.

It also came to mind that everything we do at the Teabar, insofar as lattes are concerned, is in a 6 oz peice of pottery. I no longer look down on a 1 shot (1/2 tsp) small drink. I actually love it.



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  1. Katerina said,

    Why do you spell it “maccha”?

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